Thursday, 1 September 2011

Videos and tangents

I'm a lover of organisation.  It's necessary, I think, to have a space in which everything has it's own place. I love clean lines and simplicity.  White is probably my favourite colour, but only when it is offset with pink or possibly a bright blue.

I like to know exactly where everything is, and it must have a reason for being there.  My YouTube channel and this blog is annoyingly disorganised.  I wish, especially for YouTube, that I had one clear direction which I never deviated from.  I used to: in the old days I would make a vlog several times a week where I would speak about how I was getting on with eating, how college was going and how I felt about my counselling sessions.  Now, even though it is brilliant that I no longer have those worries, I find that as a result my videos have become more random.  I film what I feel like filming.  I don't even specifically talk about eating disorders anymore.

You don't seem to mind it, which is good.  I just wish I knew what my direction was... but then again maybe people enjoy my going off at a tangent.  I always try and film video requests if I possibly can.  Well, assuming they are eating disorder based.  Some requests I get a very niche, and clearly from people who are also regular viewers of the beauty community.  How many times have I been asked for a room tour, a make up tutorial or my skin care routine?  Of course I DO try to oblige, but seriously, a make up tutorial from me, whilst being comedy gold, would not be very helpful.  I think when I have my room at uni organised I might show you how I sort out my things, but that's as close as you'll ever get to a room tour.

I quite like the idea of doing the whole 'life-casting' thing.  You know, filming yourself as you go about your day to day life, and I have done some of that and received no complaints.  I also like the idea of doing more topic specific eating disorder videos, 'How to tell a parent you have an eating disorder' would be an example of one I have already filmed.  I think these videos might be the most helpful to the largest demographic.

I don't know.  Maybe I'll just go with it.  I'll just film whatever the hell I feel like... it's working so far.

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