Saturday, 13 December 2014

I am rubbish, and I know it!

I firmly believe that if you say you're going to do something you should follow through and do it.  But...I've been rubbish recently! It's been almost a month since I wrote on here, and a little longer since I last posted a video on YouTube. I can't tell you how guilty that makes me feel!  Nevertheless whenever I do have to put it on the back burner I am always engaging with you on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr and I thank you for putting up with my lax schedule!

So what have I been doing?  Most of you probably know I've started studying again, (expect a video explaining the ins and out soon), and unlike when I was at UEA battling through an Art History degree I had no enthusiasm for, I am really enjoying it.  The downside is that spare time and days off I used to dedicate to YouTube and my online life are spend reading, making essay plays or working through activities.

I also work at least 32 hours every week, (although it's usually more), and coupled with 18 recommended study hours that equals 50 hours per week working in one way or another!  I then have all the boring adult things which need to be done like housework and food shopping - (I wish it would all just magically do itself).

I hope you're not reading this thinking, "oh my God, Charlotte.  Stop making excuses!", because they aren't excuses, just facts.  You all know I love doing YouTube and I love the little community that has built up around my videos.  I recognise loads of you as regular commenters, tweeters or Instagram liker-s, and I'm so pleased you stick around.  It means so much and the thought of you and your kind words has pulled me through some pretty tough times recently.

The run up to Christmas has been, (and always is!), super busy for me...the reason why I will never attempt Vlogmas ever again because I know I always fail.  Hard.  Give me until the new year and when things are a bit less hectic I'll try and get back on track.

There will be videos before December 31st, so keep your eyes peeled and if there is no word from me rest assured I'm probably drowning under a mountain of books and uni notes.
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Monday, 17 November 2014

50 Facts About Me

I've just spent the evening doing housework and writing up an essay plan for an assignment that's due later on this week.  It's been productive, but now I feel the need some something a bit here is this post. 

I've answered these questions before in a YouTube tag video, but things change and I always prefer to read things like this than watch them, so here it is: 50 questions about me.  Enjoy. 

1: What are you wearing? 
Reindeer pyjama leggings and a navy long sleeve pyjama top, both from Primark.

2: Ever been in love? 
I was thinking about this yesterday evening.  I concluded that at the time I thought I was.  Maybe emotions fade with time, even ones as powerful as love, because I can't be sure.

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? 
Who hasn't?

4: How tall are you? 
5ft 7.

5: How much do you weigh? 
I haven't weighed myself in the last 4 years, and I don't intend to.

6: Any tattoos? 
Not my thing.

7: Any piercings?
Ears, once.  Conventional I know.

8: OTP? 
Myself and someone amazing?

9: Favourite show?
I don't watch much TV.  Coronation Street is the only programme I've watched regularly and consistently in the last few years.  
10: Favorite bands?
I really don't have one. 

11: Something you miss?
I miss how easy I had it before I left home.  Oh, to not have to worry about rent, bills and council tax!

12: Favorite song?
Who I'd Be from Shrek the Musical

13: How old are you?
Young enough to not quite want to accept my grown-up responsibilities just yet.
14: Zodiac sign?
15: Quality you look for in a partner?
I don't have a specific thing I look for.  I think it is more about the qualities and differences you have as a pair.  That being said, I enjoy quite a lot of stupid, silly and a bit geeky things, so someone who shares or tolerates my undeniable coolness.  Someone who is honest, emotionally open and intelligent also ticks the right boxes.    

16: Favorite Quote?
"Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine."

17: Favorite actor?
Will Smith.
18: Favorite colour? 
I like anything that's colourful, but also muted and non-obtrusive.  

19: Loud music or soft? 
Depends on the context.

20: Where do you go when you're sad?
21: How long does it take you to shower? 
If I wash my hair 10 minutes, if I do not then less than 2.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Again, if I wash my hair about an hour, if I haven't washed my hair about 25 minutes.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? 

24: Turn on?
I like big hands...because big hands = big...gloves.  
For me to steal in the winter when my hands get cold.  

25: Turn off?
Emotional detachment?  Arrogance, vulgarity and stupidity too.
26: The reason I joined Youtube?
I was trying to find somewhere I fit in.
27: Fears? 
Growing old alone.  Not in a marriage and kids kind of way, but just not having anyone else in my life at all.  I'm scared of being one of those old women who die alone in their home and only get found a month later because someone complained about the smell.

28: Last thing that made you cry?
I don't have a clue.  I can't remember crying.

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
Probably within the last week.
30: Meaning behind your Youtube Name?
I can't be bothered to explain it.  I've said many a time already.
31: Last book you read?
A uni text book.
32: The book you're currently reading?
A uni text book.

33: Last show you watched?
The Inbetweeners.
34: Last person you talked to?
My ex.
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My ex.  It always seems harsh to call him that.

36: Favourite food?
Pizza.  Mashed potato. Nando's. Ice cream. Risotto. 
Not all at once.

37: Place you want to visit?
I want to go back to Edinburgh right now.

38: Last place you were?
Norwich.  I'm still here.
39: Do you have a crush?
I always have a crush.  Usually on food.

40: Last time you kissed someone?
What sort of kiss are we talking about here?
41: Last time you were insulted? 
Two people called me fat yesterday!

42: Favourite flavour of sweet?
Black and red.
43: Which instruments do you play?
Cornet, trumpet, tenor horn, I could probably play the recorder too.
44: Favourite piece of jewellery?
Right now my half moon necklace from Accessorise.  I also have my Swarovski star necklace, but I don't wear that much now as the crystals are a bit loose.

45: Last sport you played?

46: Last song you sang?
Let it Go. 

47: Favourite chat up line?
Wanna do the no-pants dance?

48:Have you ever used it?
Oh, so many times.  

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? 
My housemate last night I suppose.

50: Who should answer these questions next?
Someone with too much time on their hands.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014


I'm the sort of person who always thinks of a million crazy adventures, but never sees them through for stupidly practical reasons like money, time and my need for 8 hours sleep every night.  However this Sunday I did something, (maybe not totally crazy, but crazy for me), and booked impromptu flights to Edinburgh.

The last six months in Norwich has felt a little suffocating.  Those of you who watch my YouTube channel will know I just started studying Psychology alongside working five days a week.  It's great to feel like I'm working towards something again as stagnation is one of my worst fears, but everything in my life happens in this small city which feels like it's miles away from anywhere else.

I'm not really one for travelling for months at a time; I like my home comforts and knowing I have my own little space to enjoy nothing but my own solitude, (because I'm actually very antisocial and could never share a room with anyone but a partner!).  Short trips away are definitely more in my comfort zone, and the notion that I might get away for even a couple of days filled me with so much excitement it was a bit silly. 

On Tuesday morning at 2:45 am I trundled off down my road, little weekend suitcase in tow, to the bus station.   My flight out of Stansted airport left at 7:55 am, which meant that I would arrive in Edinburgh before 8 am and have the whole day ahead of me.  Side note: Stansted security was the busiest I've ever seen 6 am! 

The sunrise from the plane window before take off.
One thing you may not know about me is that I get terribly stressed out about air travel.  I'm not sure what it is; you could ask me to get the train from London to Edinburgh or drive and I would take it all in my stride, but a combination of the close confinement with other people and the lack of control when flying really bothers me.

Glorious space!  There was hardly anyone on my flight in the end. :)
I won't bore you with every activity I got up to, but I packed a lot into that first day.  I explored the city centre, visited some museums and climbed up a really big hill.  I'm not entirely sure how I managed it because I was absolutely dead on my feet by the time I reached the city centre at 9 am.

The geography around the city is amazing!
By the time I went to bed that evening I had been awake for 21 hours.  This might not seem like a big deal for some of you, but it is normally impossible for me to function like a normal human being for any length of time without sleep.

...and I'm in love!
 I flew home on Wednesday evening, and after another coach journey back to Norwich was in my own bed by 11:30 pm.  It was all a bit of a whirlwind, but I'm so glad I did something a bit out of my comfort zone as I've now fallen in love with a brand new city.  The thing I love most is the geography of the place; the entire streets built on bridges, the castle perched on top of an extinct volcano and the way it all looks lit up at night.  It's the most three dimensional place I've ever been, something which just does not come across in the photos at all, it really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

#Standard Harry Potter geek. 
...And now I really want to move to Edinburgh. ;)
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Sunday, 9 November 2014

A thought about respect

Maybe it's the way I've been brought up, but I was taught to observe the two minutes silence on Remembrance Sunday without question.

For those of you who read my blog overseas it is held on November 11th, or the closest Sunday in the weeks surrounding it.  This date marks the end of the First World War: 11 o'clock in the morning, on Sunday 11th November 1918.  It is traditionally commemorated with a two minutes silence at 11am.

It isn't lame or "uncool" to take two minutes out of your day to think about those who gave their lives so you could have the freedom we all probably take for granted.  I personally think about my granddad; he fought in the Second World War, survived, and went on to be the best male role model I could have wished for when I was growing up.

Today I observed grown-ass adults, old enough to know better, belittle the commemoration during the two minutes of silence.  I'm not saying everyone must hold the same values as I do, but don't we live in a society that is meant to respect others, respect their beliefs and respect what they hold dear?

I'm sure the vast majority of the country did stop at 11am today, but those few so involved in their own lives make me lose a bit of faith in humanity, really.

* I have no problem with people who just forgot; it is easily done if you're not out in public.  It's the flagrant disregard for other people and the millions of people who've given their lives in conflicts old and new. 
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Thursday, 6 November 2014

An attempt at something like a schedule

I'm recruiting you!

I want to start writing themed posts to this blog on certain days.  I'm pretty terrible at thinking up things like this though, so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I'm already envisioning a monthly recap consisting of photos I've taken especially since something I want to get better at in 2015 is capturing moments in photo form.  My lack of a real photo library outside of Facebook and Instagram is a bit tragic.

For the sake of alliteration Fabulous Foods Fridays might have to become a thing.

Thinking up names really is not my forte.

Write you suggestions in the comments below, or if you're feeling swish tweet them to me!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

9 Bars- Fabulous Foods blog edition!

Some people blog about travel, others about fashion or beauty.  I have chosen to blog about cereal bars.

Increasingly frantic mornings trying not to be late for work coupled with my still sleepy body not quite recognising it's hungry have resulted in the bad habit of not always eating breakfast.  In the winter months I just don't seem to have time, which is probably due to the uninviting dark cold mornings which greet me as my alarm goes off...just five more minutes procrastination in my toasty bed, please!

I was on the search for something I could quickly grab on my way out the door, and when I was in Sainsbury's last fortnight I found 9 Bars!
I can't stop thinking about them.  I think I have a problem.
I've been vaguely aware of these before but never bought them because, let's face it...they are just a load of seeds smushed together.  That can't taste good unless you're a guinea pig, right?  WRONG.
These are honestly one of my favourite food finds ever!
I like to store my 9 Bars in a big Kilner jar.
They are packed full of goodness including sunflower, pumpkin, poppy and sesame seeds, are vegetarian, (most are vegan too), and contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

I would recommend 9 Bars if you are looking for an energy boost, maybe after playing sport or just to fuel a busy on-the-go lifestyle.  Far better than a chocolate bar or packet of crisps with empty calories, these provide a sustained boost which will really keep you going.  I often find I can have a bar for breakfast and not feel hungry again until it's lunchtime.

There are loads of flavours, but my favourites are the original version and the flax version.  You can buy online in bulk, 16 bars for £10.80 or as singles in most supermarkets.  They are currently on offer in Sainsbury's: 4 bars for £2.50!

Are there any other similar cereal bars you would recommend?  Let me know, because I would love to try them. 

Read more about 9 Bars on their official website

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