Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Vegan Eating Plan-ish

One of the reservations I had about the month of vegan-ism I'm currently embarking upon was the variety of meals I would be able to eat.  I need not have worried because as it turns out I'm eating a wider variety of things than before, and they are certainly a damn sight more healthy due the increased portions of vegetables in my diet!

Here are examples some of the things I've been eating to give you an idea!  This isn't a meal plan, and it isn't just what I eat...just the things I could remember when I wrote this up.


  • Fruit. Either at home or a bought fruit pot from Boots or similar
  • Cereal.  I'm a bit fan of muesli at the moment especially Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty Muesli 
  • Nuts.  I buy big bags from Holland and Barrett because it's cheaper and put them on my cereal
  • Bagels with almond butter, marmite or anything similar. 
  • Cereal bars.  Great for when I'm in a rush! 

  • Avocado on toast.  I made this for the first time today and it's my new favourite thing!
  • Sandwich.  I put loads of veggies like grated carrot, cucumber and avocado for loads of texture.    There are loads of dairy-free "cheese" spreads available too which I use sometimes.
  • Jacket potato.  Beans and vegan cheese is my favourite.
  • If I'm at work I'll usually have a sandwich/bagel/carrot sticks and humous and then the usual lunch box bits like crisps or a dairy-free yogurt.


  • Pasta is my saviour. 
  • Vegan burgers or sausages.  I have a stock of frozen vegetable bakes etc. for the days I don't feel very inspired to cook.
  • Roasted vegetables as a side to whatever I am having for my main meal.
  • "Sausages" and sweet potato mash.
  • Cheeseless pizza
  • Tofu means I can make LOADS more meals as I use it to replace meat or Quorn. 


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  1. I love Dorset Cereals :) - Have you tried their Luscious Berries and Cherries muesli?


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