Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sick get to know me post

I'm writing this post whilst sitting in bed in my dressing gown.  Being ill isn't fun, especially when you've got a university assignment to prep for, a Valentine's day YouTube video to film, and an actual real life job too.

I'm feeling a little guilty about how unproductive I have been today so here is a blog post, which whilst being minimal effort on my part, (I can just about manage to sit and type; don't ask me to do anything else though!), at least gives you something to read. :)

Get to know the blogger:

Name: Charlotte

Nickname: I don't have one nickname.  Different people call me different things, but I'm not one for using a shortened version of my own name like Charlie or Lottie.

Height: 5’7"

Birthday: 23rd January

Favourite colour: Unashamedly a sterotypical girl: pink

Favourite singer/band: I listen to Ed Sheeran's new album A LOT.  I also enjoy a bit of Taylor Swift now and then.

Last song listened to:  Take Me To Church by Hozier

Last movie watched: Kingsman

Favourite book: The entire Harry Potter series, which has taken me through some rough times

Last book read: Rather lame: a uni text book 

Alarm clock sound: A jingle that comes with the Sleep Cycle app, which is what I use to track my sleep pattern and to wake me up in the morning

Currently reading: I have chapter after chapter of uni reading these days, so reading for fun isn't on my radar much

Number of siblings: 1

Number of pets: Zero

Cell phone type: iPhone 6

Current shirt colour: Grey

Gamer?: Give me the Sims and I'll play for hours

Day or night?: Day

Summer or winter?: Summer

Most-visited website?: YouTube

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